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Laser - Age Spot

What is Laser Age Spot

Laser technology is used to treat and remove actinic bronzing, sun damage, brown spots, and age spots. Remove unwanted spots on the face or body to reduce the signs of aging.

Who is Laser Age Spot for

This treatment is for anyone who wants to get rid of brown pigmentation on their skin. The laser can be used as a spot treatment or larger area treatment such as actinic bronzing on the chest.

Where is Laser Age Spot applied

The laser device is applied to the patients unwanted age spots and brown pigmentation. Multiple treatments may be required depending on the patients needs. It is best to consult with your physician about how many treatments you will need, but results can be seen after one age spot treatment.


 Years of sun damage can leave your skin uneven and hyperpigmented. Laser is an effective way to target these spots and permanently remove them with minimal to no downtime.

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